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Info richiesta tesi

Premise: Students who intend to apply for a degree thesis on this subject are kindly requested to read the following regulations carefully.

1. Theses are awarded when the number of missing exams does not exceed 3;

2. The development of non-empirical theses, i.e., mostly based on bibliographic research, usually takes 4 months of work;

3. The development of empirical theses, i.e., mostly based on the collection, processing and interpretation of company/consumers' data, usually requires 6 months of work;

4. Empirical theses involve a direct relationship with one or more companies or the collection of consumers and/or company data. The choice of potential companies to involve is left, first and foremost, to the pro-activity of the student. In any case, the supervisor will consent to the final discussion of the thesis work only after the company (or companies) have formally issued the student authorization to process the data contained in the thesis. Otherwise, the name of the company should be anonymized;

5. The thesis topic is chosen by the student and approved by the supervisor. In this regard, the theme of the thesis must focus on one of the topics covered in the course. Finally, the student's pro-activity in proposing ideas is highly appreciated;

6. Once the thesis topic has been assigned, the supervisor establishes with the student the structure of the chapters (number 2) of the work;

7. It is possible to follow the thesis remotely (for example, on Skype), but only after justified reason (for example, ERASMUS students).