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Info regarding today's exam

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Dear service marketers,

Regarding today's exam, please follow these simple instructions for a reciprocal good exam experience:

1) Give a deep preliminary look at the exam rules of the course: https://economia.uniroma2.it/ba/business-administration-economics/corso/asset/1999/?ida=52112&c=cfcd2;

2) Remember your username and password to connect to your uniroma2.eu account. I'm going to send an email to your uniroma2.eu account at the beginning of the text with the link for the test;

3) Be sure you have with you your ID card;

4) You will perform the exam on Microsoft Forms. 

5) Results will be communicated just after the exam. We'll start at 4 pm, and you should come back to the same room as the exam around 5.30 pm today to provide you with the results of the exam and know if you accept or not the given mark. Do not go away. Non-attending students will perform the oral test today after the written test if sufficient (>= 18 out of 30).

5) If you do not accept the final mark, which will already include extra points, attending students must perform the written test again, and non-attending students must execute written and oral tests again. Extra points will remain valid till February 2024. 

See you later!

Let's start SM!

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Dear service marketers,

I've just uploaded the teaching material - slides and book - on the course web page within the Faculty website.

Here, you can also find the 2016 Edition of the Book put at your disposal by Prof. Wirtz->



This is the Excel file at the center of our course in which you have to point out, by Tomorrow at 12:00, your individual info and group:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16XUgu_1L59qoU6Gp2U0djwCd1IAESmjtEy-ZL41TWDs/edit?usp=sharing Attendance will be taken day by day at the beginning of each lecture by yourself.

In this file, you should also state - Yes or No - if you want to come to Cinecittà World for the company visit on March 22 (all day since it is an amusement park!). It can cost around 40€ including transportation, but I'll give you more info after I have bargained it with the company.

I hope you will enjoy this journey. I'll do my best, but services also require cooperation with users :)