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Selected references for the final thesis on Microeconomics with an Experimental Economics approach.

Textbooks (the introductory chapters are recommended)

1) Experimental Economics, by Davis and Holt (Princeton University Press 1993, introductory chapter here)

2) Experiments with Economic Principles: Microeconomics, by Theodore Bergstrom and John H. Miller (Mc-Graw-Hill, 1999, web page here)

3) Experimental Methods. A Primer for Economists, by Daniel Friedman and Shyam Sunder (Cambridge University Press, introductory chapter here)

4) Behavioral Game Theory: Experiments in Strategic Interactions by Colin Camerer, (RSF/Princeton University Press, 2003, introductory chapter here)

5) Market, Games, and Strategic Behavior, by Charles A. Holt (Pearson, 2007)


1) "Economics in the Laboratory" by Vernon Smith

2) "Why Experiments in Economics" by Ken Binmore

3) "The Method of Experimental Economics" by Rachel Croson


1) Handbook of Experimental Economics, edited by John H. Kagel and Alvin E. Roth (Princeton University Press, 1995, web page here)

2) Handbook of Experimental Economics Results, edited by Charles R. Plott and Vernon L. Smith (North-Holland, 2008, web page here)