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Regolamento esame

Exam Simulation

  • During the designated week (April 1-5) there will be an exam simulation.
  • Participation to the exam simulation is voluntary.
  • The exam simulation will be marked between zero (0) and three (2).
  • The mark of the exam simulation will constitute bonus points for the final exam.
  • The bonus will be valid until the session of January/February 2020

Exam Rules

  • The final exam is based on a written test with the following type of questions: true/false questions with short motivation, exercises, open questions.
  • The written test will be marked from 0 (zero) to 30+ (thirty with honours).
  • Students can ask to register the final exam if the mark is at least equal to 18.
  • Student can leave the written test at any time and resit it in any scheduled call.
  • Students can refuse to register the final exam and resit it in any scheduled call.
  • Students who fail the final exam can resit it in any scheduled call.
  • Students must register online for the exam. Each student is personally responsible for registering. Students will not be allowed to ask the course instructor to do the registration on their behalf after the deadline has expired.