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Benefits and Services

Microsoft Office 365

Enjoy all the benefits and services of Microsoft Windows Live web services (free access to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus).

How to activate Microsoft Office 365:

  • Activate the account provided by the University
  • Access the Office 365 Portal.
  • Login using the email address provided by the University
  • Set up your account
  • You can install Office 365 or use the Apps online

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University Email Account

All students of University of Rome Tor Vergata are provided with a University email account.

How to activate the account provided by the University:

  • Access the Delphi website and log in with your username and password
  • Select “Activate Other Services” (“OTHER SERVICES” area)
  • Select “Launch Microsoft Office365”
  • Select “First Activation / Reset Password”
  • Select “RESET” and choose a password on the relating account and confirm
  • Access your email box through the website outlook.com/uniroma2.euby entering your username (name.surname@cloudsa.uniroma2.eu) and password

Please note that when your account is activated, you are provided with a UserID (nome.cognome@cloudsa.uniroma2.eu) that you will use for the services and with an email address (firstname.lastname@students.uniroma2.eu).

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Discounts for Uniroma2 Community

The AGEVOLA initiative intends to be of concrete help to the entire Community of the University of Rome Tor Vergata (students, academic and administrative staff and their families).

Several notifications and announcements are published on agevola.uniroma2.it to inform the Community on agreements and rebates offered on purchases in participating stores and other businesses.

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School of Economics Library and Study Rooms

Founded in 1991, the Library "Vilfredo Pareto" of the School of Economics, located at the ground floor of building B, covers about 3000 square meters and has a total of 490 seats.
It is specialized in the traditional disciplines of the Faculty: economics, business, law and statistics and mathematics.
The equipment is made up of over 30.300 monographs, 2200 periodicals, over 2200 on-line magazines, about 800 licenses for the statistical sources and documentation, working papers of numerous agencies and Italian and foreign universities; plus a series of databases on dvd/cd-rom device and on-line search. All the library material is organized on open shelves, directly accessible to the users.
The online library consists of a rich database with information from around the world, magazines, e-books, open archives, historical sources.

All information on timetables and services offered by the Library of the School of Economics visit the Website.

Students can also use the School of Economics study rooms, which are located on the first and second floor of Building A (equipped with Italian electrical outlets to charge laptops).

School of Economics Computer Lab

The School of Economics has 3 computer laboratories, where students can access information services and follow lectures provided for by the Study Plan. The S2 and S4, both in Building A, second floor, equipped with 36 computer stations each, and the “SED” classroom, at the ground floor of Building B, with 16 seats, reserved for all the students.

There are also three multimedia classrooms, respectively The Council Room, Classroom thesis and the Aula Magna, and 36 classrooms of various types and capacity, from 50 to 450 seats, which are all equipped with modern audiovisual equipment.

Libraries in Rome

Here is a list of the Roman public libraries. The complete list is available on the Website of Roma Capitale (in Italian only).

Moreover, on the Facebook page "Librerie di Roma" you can find all the initiatives on reading, promoted from time to time by organizations and associations.