The Master of Science in Economics (LM-56) is a two year full-time program, taught entirely in English.  

The MSc in Economics, a program of scientific excellence, offers training for a career as professional economist in government, central banking, international organisations or private sector firms such as economic consultancies. The advanced and quantitative nature of the program also serves as an excellent foundation for PhD programmes and other research-focused roles.

The course program includes applied courses in development economics, health economics, labour economics, procurement and regulation, law and economics, public economics and public choice, beyond fundamental courses in microeconomics, game theory and incentives, macroeconomics and business cycle, econometrics, stata, matlab and time series.

Its teachers are researchers with a long track record of publications in international journals in economics, mathematics and statistics, and a well-established international reputation. The Department of Economics and Finance to which the MSc in Economics belongs is among the leading departments in the fields of Economics, Finance and Statistics according to some of the most important national (VQR) and international (RePec, QS) rankings.