Marks for 29/05 exam

Sunday 02 June 2019

Dear students, it is not possible to register the marks directly in Delphi, because the exam you did the 29th is considered as a "pre-appello" (not a final exam). However, as I told you in class, for me the exam is final. You can find the final mark (including the mark of presentations) in the folder "materiale didattico". Please, remember to book again the exam in Delphi before the next exam (11/06) to enable me to register your grade.


List of presentations

Thursday 09 May 2019

The list of presentations is available on the course website. You will find your name with the article you are supposed to present and the date. There is some flexibility: if you have problems with your article, please send me an email explaining the problem and we will find an alternative. Enjoy the reading!

Online materials + to do list BEFORE coming to the class on Monday

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Dear course participants,
To kick off the experimental part of the lectures, we will conduct an in-class experiment on regulating emissions. In order to make the experiment meaningful, please read the few pages you can find on the course website that explain the context and complete the simple warm-up exercises BEFORE coming to the class on Monday. We will be interested in measuring effects of policy variations on equilibrium outcomes. We are NOT interested in measuring the effects of confusion on equilibrium outcomes. – Thank you!

On the course website, you can also find the slides for the first three classes.

The password to download the material will be given today during the class.