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General Management - Results Written Test - Sep., 6th, 2023

Thursday, September 7, 2023
Dear All:

1) the results of the September, 6th, written test are now published in a specific folder ("Exam Results a.y. 2022/23) of the General Management course website;

2) As said, I have also opened the Teams channel for Friday's (September, 8th, 10am) acceptance/refusal session. Students who just want to accept their result can do this in remote. Grades which won't explcitly accepted will be automatically supposed to be refused. Conversely, students who want to perform the integrative oral (+2/-2 extrapoints) need to come in person to Tor Vergata;

3) If you want to see the tests, or an explantion for the grade, please don't write me mails todate, as I won't be able to read and answer. Instead, please come (exclusively in person) tomorrow (during the oral session), or in one of my next office hours (in person).

Best wishes and see you tomorrow.
Gianpaolo Abatecola
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