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Li Qiao


On May 17th of 1999, a girl was born in a warm family. My name is Li Qiao and I am growing up healthily and happily under my father and mother’s care. Now I am lively and outgoing, like making friends. I'm enthusiastic about learning, I have a lot of hobbies. I have studied Guzheng for seven years and gained the 10th-grade certificate. I also like modern things such as guitar, skateboard and jazz dance. Reading and writing are also both my favorites. I was awarded with several prizes in composition contests. As for my future plans, I want to study Global Governance at University of Rome Tor Vergata. It is a new specialty with broad prospects for development. Global Governance will play an important role in the global joint development and problem-solving. Beside this, I have great interest in this course and I will learn to contribute for the future of our motherland. I also believe that I can realize my dream by studying hard.