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We strongly believe in the value of interdisciplinary teaching and in the dialogue between the various fields of study as a means of overcoming cultural differences and dogmas of the traditional national borders, behind which very often insecurity and simplifications are hidden.

We encourage the dialogue among people, religions and cultures, and this value is not only represented by the structure of the program but also by the selection of international students and professors.

Our teaching approach applies teamwork, values experience and individual autonomy, and promotes the freedom of research.

We believe in the freedom of research and teaching. The B.A. in Global Governance promotes interdisciplinary learning without explicit or hidden advertisement or economic purposes while ensuring and protecting academic freedom and freedom of expression in a context where diversity of views is encouraged and not repressed.

Furthermore, the main objectives of the B.A. include promoting excellence in teaching, encouraging professionalism, enhancing expertise, in addition to advocating scientific investigation and the pursuit of knowledge. The recruitment of professors is determined by their outstanding moral, professional and educational reputation. Particular attention is given to the selection of qualified professors and to provide any necessary support to students.

Our teaching staff has a great responsibility toward our students, not only during the course lectures but also in the degree orientation phase. The Global Governance community of students receives useful guidance and support for career planning and assistance when deciding whether to pursue a profession or to further their education.

We are aware that such an ambitious project requires great diligence from our students, professors and administrative staff. To this end, we have drawn up a Code of Conduct that aims to provide general guidelines, both ethical and behavioral, which everyone must comply with while carrying out his/her own activities at the Tor Vergata University of Rome. Following such rules of conduct increases the possibility of achieving the goals of the B.A. program, along with promoting mutual respect towards others and fostering the quality of a positive teaching and learning environment.