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Throughout their course of studies, students of Global Governance have continuous opportunities to talk with their teachers and with established professionals in the international arena that support them orienting in studies and choices about their future. 

Some of our partners - major established professionals on the international stage - act as mentors for our students, guiding them in their career choices and orienting them in specialization.
Furthermore, each students is supported by a Professor of the course as advisor. The meetings will allow the teaching staff to supervise step by step the academic career of the student, helping to overcome eventual difficulties, planning the course of studies and the extra-activities, and suggesting the most suitable post-degree path accordingly to the background and interests of the students.

GG Alumni Mentorship Programme

As Alumni, we all know it can be hard and confusing to choose a path after Global Governance. For this reason, we decided to launch a GG Alumni Mentorship Programme aimed at helping you in the next steps of your academic or professional careers by leveraging on the alumni community we have been cultivating during the past years.


How will it work?

You will be able to send a message through the Find Your Mentor page on the GG Alumni website. Volunteers from the alumni community will be screening the messages and connect you with the alumnus who can best answer your questions, based on the placement data we have collected every year.


How can you participate?

Send your questions through the Find Your Mentor page on the GG Alumni website. Remember to add your contact details so we are able to share your message and your details with your new mentor.