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University of Rome Tor Vergata, School of Economics

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Governance offers interdisciplinary teaching, which aims to prepare professionals to face global challenges that require specific legal and economic competencies, as well as a wide range of technical knowledge and skills to manage cultural mediations. National and international political institutions, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, enterprises and global economic subjects ever increasingly seek profiles with inter-disciplinary knowledge: our course satisfies these prerequisites by involving professors from various disciplinary sectors (Arts and Humanities, Economics, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Sciences), and their selection to participate as professors in this program is based on the excellence of their professional experience and the innovative nature of their research.

The Course is reserved to a limited number of at most 200 students, 150 places available for EU citizens and NON-EU citizens legally resident in Italy, in accordance with art. 26 of Law n.189/2002; and 50 places reserved for NON-EU citizens resident abroad and applying for visa, who have already obtained a high-school diploma.
Students are selected on the basis of their CV, their personal motivation and their openness to international experiences.
The average class size is around 120 students

The novelty of our approach is not only regarding the material covered, but also as far as the organization and the method are concerned. The entire program is taught in English. Thanks to the small number of the students, each of them will have quarterly meetings with advisors. Attendance in class is compulsory and is verified on a daily basis.


There are mid-term exams and organized timetables in order to make sure students are able to complete all the scheduled exams, as well as the graduation exam, within the academic year. Special seminars are organized with competent professionals, where issues related to globalization and its governance are discussed.

At Tor Vergata within the Global Governance B.A., you will enjoy a human experience in addition to learning with qualified teachers coming from different backgrounds and countries. We care about the team that will be created together with your classmates. Read our Code of Conduct carefully to understand our values.

The table below shows some useful data regarding our offer compared with others of the same type in Italy.