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Venice International University is something unique in the academic world: a group of Universities from all over the world sharing a common campus on the beautiful Island of San Servolo, in the Venice lagoon.


The Interdisciplinary Degree in Global Governance, coordinated by Prof. Gustavo Piga (Delegate of the Rector to Internationalization), has joined the European Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences - ECOLAS, the European Consortium of Liberal Arts and Graduate Programs Sciences (LAS).

ECOLAS is a network of prestigious university / graduate courses and aims to address the central issues related to the 21st century education of young undergraduate students in the context of the interdisciplinary tradition of LAS schools, dominant in the United States but less common in Europe.

In particular, Ecolas' mission is to foster and disseminate the good practices necessary to support the teaching of skills required for permanent formation and good citizenship inherent in the tradition of liberal arts and sciences.

The members of the consortium are listed here.

Among the first Italian members of the Ecolas network, the University of Tor Vergata with Global Governance will take part in May to the consortium's initiatives and training activities.

The first appointment took place in Bratislava for a seminar on Teachers Training and Professional Development. After this  the meeting was hosted at Tor Vergata on 26-27 september and other two encounters are planned, considering the succes and positive feedbacks received.