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Preliminary enrollment requirements - A.Y. 2023/24

All admitted candidates have to necessarily carry out the following pre-enrollment procedure by the deadlines indicated below:

  1. Connect to the DELPHI system: http://delphi.uniroma2.it ;
  2. Select Student Area > Key 2 "Pre-enrolment " > key a "fill in the application" > enter the required data

and follow the instructions;

PLEASE NOTE: Keep carefully the CTRL identification code and FISCAL CODE issued at the end of the pre-enrolment process. These codes will allow you to retrieve the application for subsequent enrolment.

  1. Make the payment of the pre-enrolment fee of € 156.00. The payment must be made through the

PagoPa system (a method of payment that allows you to make the payment through several channels, either physical or online). Further information on payment methods are available at the following link:

        https://economia.uniroma2.it/public/ba/files/PagoPA_English_Guide_def1_4.pdf ;

  1. Connect again to the Delphi platform at the following link: uniroma2.it , in order to validate the payment. (Click on “Student Section”> Sector 2 Pre-enrolment> b. “You have already filled out an application”> enter Fiscal Code and CTRL> select “PagoPa Validation”)

PLEASE NOTE: The winning candidates, who have not completed the pre-enrolment procedure in the terms and guidelines mentioned above, will be considered renouncers, and the available places will be assigned again in subsequent selection rounds.

Be aware that the university will convert the 156 € amount into payment of the first installment at the time of enrollment (as per article 8). The tuition fee is distributed as follows:

  1. 16€ of Stamp duty (non-refundable for any reason)
  1. 140€ of Regional fee for the right to study


  • The refund of the regional tax is only reserved for the winning and/or eligible students of the DiSCo scholarship, and it is managed directly by the LazioDiSco.

This payment will not be reimbursed to those who:

  1. renounce to complete the enrollment, even if selected after having completed the pre-enrollment (as written in the article 7);
  2. do not meet the requirements defined in the call and/or in the current legislation for the recognition of qualifications obtained abroad.

 The above documentation must be sent no later than:


January  17th 2023

For the NON-EU citizens resident abroad and applying for a student visa.


February 23rd 2023


For the EU citizens and NON-EU citizens legally resident in Italy.



March 24th 2023


For the NON-EU citizens resident abroad and applying for a student visa.


May 4th 2023


For the EU citizens and NON-EU citizens legally resident in Italy.



June 9th 2023


For the NON-EU citizens resident abroad and applying for a student visa.


July 17th 2023


For the EU citizens and NON-EU citizens legally resident in Italy.


It is mandatory to pay via the PagoPA method. The PagoPA system has been introduced in order to make the payment at the Public Administration easier, safer and more transparent, and allows paying in different ways (traditional and online).

Further information is available on the following link

The Global Governance Secretariat will issue a Formal Acceptance Letter to the winning candidates who have finalized the pre-enrolment procedures in the terms and guidelines described in this article.


  • The winner candidates who have not completed the fulfilments referred to in this article in the above-mentioned terms and procedures, will be considered renouncers and cannot be enrolled according to the following article 8.
  • Wherever available, vacant places for eligible but not admitted students of the third call, will be filled by scrolling the ranking, and it will be published on the website globalgovernance.it. The new students, who have obtained an available vacant place, are required to follow and complete the aforementioned pre-enrollment procedure by the date communicated in the notification email sent by the Global Governance Secretariat.
  • By the deadlines established in the A.A. 2023-24 Student Guide, the candidates must confirm pre-enrollment by proceeding to enrollment as per Article 8 below.

In order to enroll correctly, they have to follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the online Services Website: https://delphi.uniroma2.it/totem/jsp/index.jsp?language=EN
  2. Select STUDENT AREA > Key 2 > "Pre-registration" > key b > "you have already filled out the application", enter Fiscal Code and CTRL of the pre-enrolment application;
  3. Click on "edit pre-enrolment application", in order to enter the graduation grade (if missing) and the starting date of university;
  4. Click on "Confirm pre-enrolment". Please note that foreign title holders will necessarily have to upload the documents required for enrolment purposes, and wait for the documentation to be checked by the international student office, before confirming pre-enrolment.