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During the three years of Global Governance Course, students interested in deepening their studies abroad, through the Erasmus and Overseas programs offered by the University of Rome Tor Vergata, will be supported in every step of the organization process by our staff. 


The Erasmus Programme is an EU exchange student programme that has been in existence since the late 1980s. Its purpose is to provide foreign exchange options for students from within the European Union and it involves many of the best universities and seats of learning on the continent. 

The programme is aimed at cross-border cooperation between states to aid the growth of international studying, and with over 4000 students involved in the programme at any one time it offers an excellent chance of experience abroad.

ERASMUS+ CALL 2022-2023
EVALUATION CRITERIA - ERASMUS+ 2022-23 (English version soon available)


Overseas Programme – Outgoing Students


The University of Rome Tor Vergata offers the opportunity to spend one semester at extra-European partner universities under a cooperation agreement framework for exam purposes.
For further information, please contact the Office for International Relations:
Tel. +39 06 72593509 - e-mail: students.exchange@international.uniroma2.it
The competent office will verify the possible implementation of the exchange or, alternatively, will endeavor to find another location in the same geographical area. For this purpose, the Institutions that provided detailed information (see enclosed information sheets) for student exchange in the second list at the end of the call will be the preferred destination.
The competent office will allocate the Host Institutions after the publication of the provisional lists.

Thesis Abroad

The University of Rome Tor Vergata promotes a scholarship program for MA research thesis abroad.
For further information please contact the Office for International Relations:
Tel. +39 06 72593509 - e-mail: students.exchange@international.uniroma2.it
Please note:
The total period of the stay abroad must be no less than 15 consecutive days and it must take place after the grant allocation and no later than December 31, 2018 (deadline to return to the home university).

Venice International University

Venice International University is something unique in the academic world -  a consortium of 17 universities from all over the world with an autonomous campus on the island of San Servolo, Venice, Italy.

The mission of VIU is to foster cooperation among VIU member institutions while facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas, by developing, promoting and organising joint academic, research and training/capacity-building programmes. VIU thereby contributes to, and is an integral part of the internationalisation strategies of the member organisations.

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Suggested Scholarships Opportunities

Italian Foreign Affairs Office Scholarship

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides different opportunities for Italian citizens and for foreign nationals in Italy and companies operating abroad.

Regione Lazio Torno Subito

The programme promotes high-level academic and training experiences, both in Italy and in foreign countries.

The Fulbright Program

It fosters cultural exchanges between Italy and the United States in all fields: including sciences, humanities, social sciences and arts.

Suggested Opportunities to study abroad

Summer School

For more information on Countries and Institutions please click on the news.

Students World

Studentsword is a consulting agency which offers opportunities of study, stages and traineeships in the United States, Australia and Canada.