Soft Skills Labs

At Global Governance, we want our students to think out of the box and exit their comfort zone, thinking imaginatively, developing creative solutions to complex challenges and adapting to changing circumstances and new constraints.

To enable them to do so, the programme structure is aimed at developing "Soft Skills" among students: team building, leadership skills, cross cultural diversity management, role-playing in a firm, project management and negotiation skills.

This is why first year students attend the course "Applied English: Speech and Performance", led by Professor Douglas Brown. The aim of the course is to strengthen each student’s confidence and skills with spoken and written English generally, as well as to build up their communication skills for both academic situations and working in a professional environment. The themes of self-management and team-working will run through all of the course topics.

During the second year, our students attend the workshop "Soft Skills", led by Paola Mascaro: whatever organization you work or will work with, individual performance are driven by two key elements, technical/functional skills and professional behaviors. The latter require clear understanding and practice in several fields, such as team work, interpersonal communications, personal branding, goals setting, etc. If you like to prove yourself and improve your preparation for your next professional challenge in the work environment, this is the experience you should have,  as an individual and as part of a class.

Third year courses are offered according to students' preference. This year, our students have the opportunity to attend two workshops:

  • "Project Management": led by Erdem Ergin. The job market relies increasingly on new ideas and products/services to strive. But not all new ideas are useful, and even fewer get executed. This workshop covers 2 topics: creative thinking, defined as the process of developing new ideas with an added-value. And project cycle, the structured process of developing an idea into reality. The workshop will be mostly applied work, with complements of theoretical knowledge.
  • "Diversity and Cross Cultural Management": led by Marshall Langer. Participants learn key insights on working with and managing a diverse workforce. The following topics are specifically taught: 1) To appreciate and profit from diversity, 2) Effective intercultural communication and marketing techniques, 3) Inspiring, motivating cross cultural leadership and management, 4) HR tools for productive workplace diversity. The interactive, participatory sessions will demonstrate both the benefits and challenges of managing a culturally diverse workforce and teach tools to profit from it.