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Tuition Fees

The Administrative Board of Tor Vergata University of Rome has set the new tuition fees for the A.Y. 2021/2022.

Istalments & Deadlines

A) First instalment:

All students (except those who are exempted from payments) must pay the first instalment which includes:

  1. Stamp duty 16€
  2. Regional fee 140€
  3. Tuition fees, which vary according to the type of taxation: Ordinary taxation: € 0 / Higher taxation: € 200 / Maximum taxation: € 332 (Types of Taxation)

Deadline for payment of the first instalment: For students enrolling in the first year, the first instalment must be paid during the enrolment process. If not specified in the course call, the first instalment must be paid by 5 November 2022.

For enrolments in the academic years following the first one, the first instalment must be paid by 5 November 2022.

Penalties: A penalty will automatically be added to your next instalment for late payment:

• € 50.00 for late payments made by 31 December 2022

• € 100 for late payments made after this date.


B) Second instalment:

The amount of the second instalment depends on the type of taxation (ordinary, higher or maximum) and the ISEE certificate (if submitted).

Deadline for payment of the second instalment:
The second instalment may be paid in two ways:

  1. Split into two payments (standard option): 

    - 50% by 31 March 2023

    - 50% by 31 May 2023

  2. A single payment by 31 March 2023 if you have previously chosen the option “single payment” or if the second instalment is less than € 300.



In case of late payment, a penalty will be automatically added to your next instalment as follows:

• 50 € for payments made within one month after the deadline;

• 100 € for payments made later than one month after the deadline.

Payment Methods & Pago PA Tutorial

Non-Eu Students whose family generates an income abroad

Non-EU students whose families generate their incomes abroad can chose whether to declare their incomes and pay a fee based on it, or not declaring their family income and pay a flat-tax based on their Country of LazioDisco scholarship winners are required to pay the yearly flat-tax contribution as described. 

Winners of the mentioned scholarship are only exempted from the payment of the Regional Fee (140 Euros).

Here follows a detailed scheme to guide students through our fee system:


Non-Eu students, to whom the ISEE is inapplicable in compliance with the Italian regulation, can choose to pay a yearly flat-tax contribution based on their Country of origin, as follows:

- 2,500.00 Euros

- 500.00 Euros,

if coming from the so-called “developing countries”, as defined in the decree no. 62 dated 6th May 2020 issued by the MIUR*.

Please note: an additional regional tax and a stamp duty (156,00 € in total) will be added to these amounts.

**Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Benin, Bhutan, BurkinaFaso, Burundi, Cambogia, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo Democratic Republic, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Haiti, Kiribati, Korea Dem. Rep., Lao People's Democratic Republic, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Rwanda, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tanzania, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tuvalu, Uganda, Yemen, Zambia.


All the Non-Eu students whose family generates an income abroad (including both winners and not winners of the scholarship), can choose to declare their income and pay a tuition fee based on it, with an amount that can vary from a minimum of 156,00 € to the maximum taxation, have to submit to the University the ISEE Parificato** (also called Scheda Raccolta Dati).  


Eu and Non-Eu Students whose family generates an income in Italy:

Eu and Non-Eu students whose family unit’s income is earned in Italy are subject to the policy fee applied to National students.

National Students

Tor Vergata University of Rome, in accordance with art. 1, paragraph 254, law no. 23 dated 11th December 2016 ”Bilancio di previsione dello Stato per l’anno finanziario 2017 e bilancio pluriennale per il triennio 2017-2019”, has defined six classes of contribution which all the degree courses belong to, in accordance with the principles of equality, advancement and progress, aiming to guarantee the right to study and to promote student dedication and merit.

Therefore, for all the Italian, Eu and Non-Eu students whose family unit’s income is earned in Italy, the University has set up the following system of yearly contribution:

Contribution Class 6

  • Ordinary taxation: From 0 € to a maximum of 7,250 €
  • Superior taxation: From 300 € to a maximum of 7,763 €
  • Maximum taxation: From 650 € to a maximum of 8,255 €

Furthermore, Italian, Eu and Non-Eu students whose family unit’s income is earned in Italy, willing to obtain the reduction of the yearly fees on the income basis, must submit the “Attestazione ISEE-Università” (read the below section “Attestazione ISEE-Università”).

Independent Students

A student who resides with neither of his/her parents can declare himself/herself independent from his/her original household and therefore he/she may present an “Attestazione ISEE-Università” (section below) in which his or her parents are not included as part of the household.

The ISEE certificate must in any case be filled out in compliance with the relevant laws, and its legitimacy is contingent on the following two conditions being true at the date on which the DSU is made:

  1. The student has been living outside of the original family home, in a property that is not owned by a member of his/her family for at least two years at the moment of the application, and that his or her residence outside the family home is duly registered in the public records;
  2. Over the two calendar years before the submission of the application, his or her declared taxable income deriving from work as a salaried or similar employee is at least € 6.500,00 for each of the two years.

If one or both of the above-mentioned conditions are not satisfied, the student shall be deemed as part of the household comprising his/her parents and the other persons identified in the family unit.

Isee Parificato (Scheda Raccolta Dati Indicatore Parificato Universitario)

What is the ISEE parificato?

Students residing outside Italy, or resident in Italy but not independent from an household resident abroad, can calculate the ISEE parificato value in order to obtain social benefits depending on the family economic situation for the academic year 2022/2023.

The University ISEE parificato is the tool that allows the assessment of the economic and financial situation of the student residing abroad or of the student residing in Italy but not independent and with an household residing abroad.

When is the ISEE parificato calculated?

A student must request an ISEE parificato:

  • if the student is independent and residing abroad: it will be necessary to calculate only the ISEE parificato with the student’s income and assets and eventually of the other family members owned abroad;
  • If the student is non-independent and residing abroad: it will be necessary to calculate exclusively the ISEE parificato by inserting, in addition to the income/assets owned by the student, the income and assets received abroad also by the household (parents as well as any other persons belonging to the family unity).
  • Non-independent student, resident in Italy and with the household residing abroad: it will be necessary to issue the ISEE parificato for the student’s income and assets and, in addition the income /assets of the family unity residing abroad.

Which documents must be presented for the calculation of the ISEE Parificato?

To obtain the ISEE parificato, students must provide certificates stating the earnings and holdings abroad (referred to two years before the year of submission) of each member of their family.

These documents need to be issued by the competent authorities in the country where the incomes are produced. They must also be officially translated by the Italian Diplomatic Authorities of that country along with the income expressed in Euros.

In those countries where obtaining such documents is difficult, the documentation may be requested at the foreign diplomatic Authorities in Italy and certified by the Prefecture in accordance with art. 33 DPR no. 445 dated 28th December 2000.

How to submit ISEE parificato?

International students, who want to access the facilities provided for the right to study, must produce the ISEEU Parificato from a CAF and the related documentation no later than 16 December 2022

The documentation must be translated and legalized even in cases no movable or immovable property is owned.

The ISEEU Parificato must be sent, along with the translated and legalized documents to the email address caf@uniroma2.itby 16 December 2022.

Also the winners of the LAZIODISCO scholarship are required to submit the ISEEU Parificato and will be subject to checks on what has been declared. In the event of the scholarship being revoked, the amount of the second installment of the university contribution will be calculated on the basis of the declared income.

All students who do not submit the ISEEU Parificato or are unable to produce the documents necessary for the validation of the aforementioned indicator, will be required to pay the fixed annual all-inclusive contribution, "flat tax", according to the current university tax system.

Attestazione ISEE-Università

The “Attestazione ISEE-Università” (Indicatore Situazione Economica Equivalente - Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) is the instrument for assessing the economic situation of individuals who request subsidised social benefits.

It is reserved for all those students (independently from the country of origin) who belong to a family unit with declared incomes in Italy. This can be obtained by combining and considering three elements: income, assets, and family.

In order to obtain the Attestazione ISEE-Università, students must fill in the form entitled “Dichiarazione sostitutiva unica(DSU) integrale” .

The DSU asks information about the family and its members and about the assets and incomes of each member of the family. It must be filled out and handed in at the following offices:

  • Centri di Assistenza Fiscale (CAF);
  • INPS, also online using the INPS portal.

Once compiled and submitted their DSU, students must wait for an average of ten working days to obtain their Attestazione ISEE-Università issued by the CAF.

Given that, in order to compile the DSU a lot of information concerning property, assets, and income must be collected, the procedure may be time-consuming. Students should submit their DSU as soon as possible to the CAF office which will provide the applicant with the final certificate “Attestazione ISEE-Università”.

The university cannot offer a direct DSU service

Once the CAF or INPS provides the ISEE-University certification, through their reserved area of the Delphi platform, students must authorise the university to consult the INPS database, to obtain the value of their ISEE certificate (which must be issued before the specified deadline).

The Deadline for this procedure is set by 16 December 2022. Should any errors come to light, the student must report them through the following email address: caf@supporto.uniroma2.it