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Tuition Fees

The Administrative Board of Tor Vergata University of Rome has set the new tuition fees for the A.Y. 2020/2021.

Methods of Payment

Tuition fees can be paid at any UniCredit Bank Agency in Italy. On your receipt, there will be a confirmation code (AUTH code). It is also possible to pay your participation fee and university contributions online by clicking here or by connecting to the Unicredit website, www.unicredit.it and then clicking on: Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”> Pagamenti (Payments).

N.B. Use only the payment slip issued by the system at the moment of enrolment/registration. Any other payment made and in any other way (e.g. through a direct credit transfer) will not be considered valid in the enrolment procedure and will not be refunded.

Deadlines and Installments

Fees and contributions have to be paid following the instructions on the Delphi System

Students who fail to pay the tuition fees will not be allowed to:

  • register exams
  • obtain any certificate relative to his/her student career
  • transfer credits to another University

First Instalment
All students (except those who are exempted) have to pay the first installment within 5th November 2019, which includes:

1. 16-euro stamp duty
2. 140-euro regional fee
3. Only for EU students or non-EU students resident in Italy, University contribution varies according to the Class of Contribution:
a. Ordinary taxation: 0 Euros
b. Superior taxation: 200 Euros
c. Maximum taxation: 332 Euros

An example of how the first installment is calculated is shown below


Taxation class (in €)
  Ordinary Superior Maximum
Revenue stamp 16 16 16
Regional fee 140 140 140
Tuition fee 0 200 332
Amount 1st Installment 156 356 488

- Deadline for the payment of the First Installment

For the students enrolling in the first year, the first installment must be paid during the enrolment procedures. If this is not specified in the course call, the first installment must be paid by November 5th, 2019.

For enrolment to the second year onwards, the first installment must be paid by November 5th 2019.
The first payment slip is issued by the Delphi system in the section reserved for initial registration in year one or in the following academic years.

- Fines for late payment:

In cases of late payment, a fine will automatically be added to the payment of the next installment:

50 Euros for payments made by December 31st, 2019
100 Euros for payments between January 1st and March 30th , 2020

b) Second Instalment

The amount of the second installment is based on the contribution class of the degree course, the type of taxation (ordinary, superior or maximum) and the student’s family income (ISEE-University). For Non-UE students whose families generate and declare their income outside the UE, the secondo installment is based on their residency country (please see Tuition Fees for International Students).

a. Connect to Delphi website: delphi.uniroma2.it
b. Select “Student Section”
c. Click on Key 4 “MANAGE CAREER ONLINE”
d. Select “Payment of Taxes and contributions”
e. Print the payment note
f. Pay the instalment at any UniCredit Bank. The receipt will contain an AUTH code (confirmation code). It is also possible to pay your participation fee and university contributions online by clicking here or by connecting to the Unicredit website, www.unicredit.it  and then clicking on: Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”> Pagamenti (Payments).
g. Connect again to the Delphi Online Services site and enter the payment details (CTRL and AUTH codes) and you will be issued a bank receipt which confirms your payment.

- Deadline for the payment of the Second Instalment

The second installment can be paid with two options:

  • Divided into two payments (default option)

- 50% by March 31st, 2020

- 50% by May 29th, 2020

  • A single payment by March 31st, 2020 if you select "single payment" (pagamento in un’unica soluzione) or if the second instalment is lower than 300 Euros.

- Fines for late payment:

In case of late payment, a fine will be automatically added to your next instalment of:

  • 50 Euros for payments within one month after the deadline
  • 100 Euros for payments more than one month after the deadline

N.B: It is important to remember that fines due to late payments can be avoided by guaranteeing that all installments are paid respecting the deadlines. Should the student request a reappraisal of the installments, a price adjustment will be recalculated.

Annual Tuition Fees AY 2020/2021

In recent years, the calculation of Italian university tuition fees have changed. Please remember that your annual tuition fees at Tor Vergata depend on your first year of enrollment. Students enrolled in 2019/2020 will keep paying tuition fees according to the tuition system described here until the end of their academic career; students first enrolled in 2018/2019 (or before) will pay their fees according to their tuition system.

Currently, in order to be considered as an Italian fee status student for tuition fee purposes, you generally need to have your family income declared in Italy so that the University will get your ISEE and calculate your annual tuition fee on the basis of your incomes. Even if you are a student regularly paying taxes in one of the EU Countries, you will be considered into the Italian fee status students and your tuition fee will be calculated on the basis of your family income.

Finally, NON-EU students are divided into 3 groups for tuition fee rates: those declaring their income overseas, those declaring their income in one of the EU Countries and those enrolling at the School of Economics.

Annual tuition fees are payable in two instalments at Tor Vergata with deadlines in November and in March; detailed information about deadlines will be published into the Students Guide 2020.

Italian and EU Students – please refer to the Students Guide 2019, chapter 7, as no changes have been made for 2020/2021.

School of Economics Non-EU students: Non-EU students unable to submit a regular ISEE, will be asked to pay an annual tuition fee of 2.656,00 €. LazioDisco scholarship winners will have a reduction of 140 euro, paying 2.516,00 €.