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In Brief

The Master of Science (LM-56) in Economics is a two-year full-time program offering advanced classes covering a broad spectrum of theoretical (e.g., Microeconomics, Macroeconomics), methodological (e.g., Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics) and applied (e.g., Coding, Big Data Analysis, Labor Economics) topics. Designed for students who wish to acquire advanced theoretical and quantitative tools to pursue a career in the private sector, national and international institutions, and for those who wish to follow an academic career.

Dual Degree Programs

With the University of Gothenburg and the University of Konstanz

Student Testimonial

Read what current students and alumni have to say about their experience at MSc in Economics


Over 95% of our graduates find placement within one year after earning their degree


A challenging and intensive programme


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Department of Economics and Finance

Excellence Grant 2018-2022 by MIUR


2021/22 Winter Exams (rules valid for both written and oral exams)

Winter exams both in-person and online. FFP2 mask mandatory, if in person. Click above for details.

New activity! Research Assistant Internship through the Department of Economics and Finance

Check the research projects available for the 2021/2022 a.y.

Winter Break 2021/2022

University closure dates, holidays and remote services.



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Dual Degree Program with the University of Gothenburg

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Dual Degree Program with the University of Konstanz

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