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The bachelor course in Business Administration & Economics is an undergraduate degree course useful to cope with the complexity of a global economy. The program provides the competencies and the conceptual and methodological tools to meet the challenges of the economic system and the internal dynamics of organizations and institutions that elaborate their strategies in it. It is a three-year program fully taught in English: the first two academic years share a base of common training courses, while in the third year, students can choose between two different curricula, Business Administration (course code T16) or Economics (course code T17).

How to contact our office during the Covid-19 emergency

In order to take an appointment, or ask us anything, you can contact us via e-mail at bae@economia.uniroma2.it

Activities for a.y. 2022/2023

For A.Y. 2022/23, the teaching activities will return to in-person. Lectures will be held in person, although the possibility of streaming lectures at a distance will be offered. However, the exams will be held exclusively in-person, with no exceptions.

Programme Type

Laurea (First cycle degree - 180 ECTS)

Degree Programme

L-18 (for Business Administration curriculum); L-33 (for Economics curriculum)

Type of Access

Entry test - 200 spots available


English (International course)


Full time

Programme Director

Prof. Gianni Nicolini


Economics and Finance (Excellence Grant 2018-2022 by MIUR)


Summer School for Sustainability

University of Gothenburg Summer School for Sustainability will run from July 3 to August 4, 2023. Students will have the opportunity to join an international cohort of like-minded people for five inspirational weeks, to act on sustainability issues and deepen their understanding of global challenges.

Elections for the Department Council

Student component in the Department Council - second call. 

Application deadline: December 10, 2022

International day against violence against women

Gender violence awareness event at the Central Gallery of the Tor Vergata Polyclinic on November 25th.