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Intesa SanPaolo Visiting Professor Chair

Bank and University, together to chart paths of growth for young people

Prof. Teresa da Silva Lopes is the third Intesasanpaolo Visiting Professor Chair in Global Governance, following Prof. Pierre Brunet and Prof. Paolo Vineis.

In the second semester of the 2023-24 academic year, Prof. Teresa da Silva Lopes will be the holder of the "Intesa Sanpaolo Visiting Professor Chair in Global Governance", offering teaching in the area of "Global Business Strategy and Responsibility: Historical Perspectives" 

The chair - born from the collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata - is established within the Bachelor of Arts in Global Governance degree course in English.

The Intesasanpaolo Visiting Professor Chair in Global Governance 

The Chair established with the support of Intesasanpaolo aims to deepen knowledge in the field of Global Governance in order to stimulate vision and awareness, which are necessary skills for experts in global processes.
The Chair envisages the appointment of Visiting Professors to teach a 42-hour course (6 credits), thus facilitating the exchange of ideas, experiences and points of view, as well as networking between different universities.
The Visiting Professor is a highly qualified professor, scholar or researcher active at other universities, including international ones, who is called upon to contribute to the development of the course with lectures, seminars and research projects.
The succession of Visiting Professors increases the attractiveness of the chair and provides students with unique and innovative learning opportunities, the result of continuous exchanges and comparisons with the holder of the chair. It also reveals the strong commitment of the University and the Bank to the specific area of teaching and research.

Bank and University, together to chart paths of growth for young people 

These chairs enriches and increases the excellence of the didactic proposal of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. In order to reinforce the value and prestige of the chair, the Bank also wished to support the University in recruiting scholars and researchers of high scientific standing.

The partnership bears witness to the mutual desire to channel commitment into the common objective of charting paths of growth for young people and the community. Together, in fact, the Bank and the University believe that knowledge and academic research are the common good that reduces inequalities and offers social development, a good that should be open to all.

For us, investing in support for study and research that creates employability is always the goal, in order to offer our young people the opportunity to cultivate their talents and prepare themselves for a particularly competitive labour market.

Teresa da Silva Lopes - University of York

Teresa da Silva Lopes is a Professor of International Business and Business History at the School for Business and Society, University of York, and Director of the Centre for the Evolution of Global Business and Institutions (CEGBI).
She is former President of the European Business History Association (EBHA), former President of the Business History Conference (BHC), and former President of the Association of Business Historians (ABH).  She received her PhD from the University of Reading and was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Said Business School, University of Oxford. She also has an MPhil, MBA and Licenciatura from Universidade Católica Portuguesa. In the past she has been a Thomas McCraw Fellow at Harvard Business School, a visiting scholar at the University of California Berkeley, Columbia University, École Polytechnique in Paris, Keio University in Tokyo, Kyoto University, and was a Catedra Corona Visiting Chair at the University of Los Andes in Bogota.
Professor da Silva Lopes taught previously at Queen Mary, University of London, Brasenose College, University of Oxford, and Universidade Católica Portuguesa. She is on the editorial boards of the journals Business History, Enterprise & Society, and Journal of Historical Research in Marketing. She is currently a member of the Peer Review College of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC); Peer Review Assessor for the British Academy, the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, the Australian Research Council, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), an Outer Board Member of the Irish Research Council, and an expert reviewer for the National Science Centre of Poland and REPRISE/MIUR - The Italian Ministry for Education, Universities and Research. She is a member of the Academic Advisory Board of CITCEM ( Centro Interdisciplinar Cultura, Espaço, Memória) of the University of Porto (Portugal); an associate Member of the John Dunning centre for International Business, a member of the International Network of Interdisciplinary Research in Family Firms (NIRFF), a member of The Centre for Globalisation Research (CGR) at Queen Mary, University of London (UK), a research associate of the Centre for International Business History and Centre for Institutional Performance at the University of Reading (UK), and an Associate of the Institute of Railway Studies and Transport History (UK).  She is a former Trustee, Chair of the investments committee, and Chair of the communications committee of the American Business History Conference; Treasurer and Webmaster of the Association of Business Historians; and reviews editor for the journal Business History. 

Professor da Silva Lopes has experience working as a consultant in international business strategy, branding strategy, and investment projects. She has been a member of several academic Review Panels, including the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark; Birkbeck College, University of London; and Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

Pierre Brunet - Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

Co-Chief Editor of Droit & Société (LGDJ) (with Laurence Dumoulin)
Member of the editorial board of : Analisi e Diritto (Marcial Pons) ; Journal of Interdisciplinary
History of Ideas (GISI-UniTo) ; Ragion Pratica (Giappichelli) ; Revue Interdisciplinaires d’Études
Juridiques (FUSL), Sorbonne Students Law Review (Univ. Paris 1 on line).
Founding Member of Paris Research in Norms, Management and Law (PRIMAL)
Expert for the ANVAR (Italy), FNRS (Belgium), ANR (France).
Member of the ANR Project RULNAT (Daniela Berti, dir.)

Paolo Vineis - Imperial College

He leads the Exposome and Health theme of the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health at Imperial College. He is the co-Director of the MS in Global Health of Imperial College.

He is a leading researcher in the fields of molecular epidemiology and exposomics. His latest research activities mainly focus on examining biomarkers of disease risk, complex exposures and intermediate biomarkers from omic platforms (including metabolomics and epigenetics) in large epidemiological studies as well as studying the effects of climate change on non-communicable diseases.

He is a member of various international scientific and ethics committees (including the Committee of the US National Academy of Sciences on 21st Century Risk Assessment) and vice-chair of the Ethics Committee at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, WHO). He has written several books, including philosophical books (such as "Nel crepuscolo della probabilita", Einaudi 1999; "Modelli di rischio", Einaudi, 1990) and “Health without Borders. Epidemics in the Era of Globalization”, Springer 2017.