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The Global Governance students' AGAPE Community is a cultural association born to offer occasions for the display of talents and creative ideas of the students. AGAPE will be an environment of free-expression and exchange, so to give ideas structure in a creative way through confrontation, group events and more. AGAPE members will have the responsibility of building together this environment. They shall do so in order to promote and enforce the Global Governance values and the GG mentality and to apply these values into the fields of
Arts and Humanities.


During its first year of activity, AGAPE has been flourishing well in the GG Environment, promoting a healthy and constructive debate environment among the students.

  • On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, AGAPE’s members organized a cineforum at the University of “Tor Vergata” which gathered more than 80  students  from all the three years, followed by a discussion on the social and historical implications of such an event.
  • During the lockdown, which covered the whole second semester of the last Academic Year, AGAPE showed strong resilience, being able to re-organize a second cineforum on an online platform called “Discord”. The movie (Schindler’s List) has been chosen by the GG students through a survey, and has raised great awareness and sensibility among the participants.

With the new academic year, AGAPE is looking forward towards a process of innovation within
continuity, implemented through the inclusion of new members in the association and their strong involvement in the organization of the new and diverse activities.


  • SOCIAL CORNER: AGAPE will be taking on a serious responsibility of ensuring the
    adaptation of our incoming GG1s, which will also priotarizing this goal. once a
    week, we will be online with our 1st Year students, making them interact through
    different games and activities.
  • QUIZZES & other similar activities that will involve also students of the 2nd & 3rd
    Year, based on a more informative occasion.
  • CINEFORUM: online and possibly in presence, in order to continue our past
  • ARTISTIC TEAMWORK: constructing a team of people versed in different kinds of
    art work towards one final project to be exposed and exhibited in online events for
    regular occasions.

and many more as we evolve and enlarge our ambitious team of AGAPE

Gabriele Diana:
Esra Selin Cinar:
Noemy Biagini: noemy.biagini@gmail.com