Through everything we do in our lives, the most important would be to make someone’s life better. Selfless is a great virtue that needs to be mastered in order to make the world a better place for us and for generations to come. The engines of change are CREATIVITY & MOTIVATION, don’t see a problem as a problem but as an opportunity through its hidden potential. We are all equipped to become problem-solvers we just need to apply the principles of BUILDS:

B for Believing in yourself and in your ability, believing in others and in the cause, you are fighting for.

U for Understanding the problems you, your family and your community are facing, trying to analyze the problem from different angles and perspectives. By discovering the root cause of that problem, is one step forward to the solution.

I for Inventing and developing an idea that responds to a problem. Remember a problem is an opportunity, therefore how do you make a business out of it? and who are you involving in this process?

L for Listening to the voice inside and to the voice of others, from listening you will be able to add up extra ingredients on your path to tackling that problem. Every solution needs to be able to stand up for itself, estranged from aid and dependency on external factors.

D for Delivering on your invention, idea, project, solution through creating a profitable business that at the same time helps you and the community.

Finally, S for Sharing your journey as a social entrepreneur so that others can be INSPIRED & INCITED to act.