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Topic 1 The language of propositional classical logic
Topic 2 Truth tables, tautologies, and contradictions
Topic 3 The language of predicate calculus and the identity relation
Topic 4 Truth in a model, logical validity
Topic 5 Formalization of natural language sentences
Topic 6 Deductive vs inductive rasoning
Topic 7 Types of inductive inferences
Topic 8 Russell on inductive knowledge
Topic 9 Poppers criticism of inductivism in the philosophy of science
Topic 10 Popper's falsificationism




J. Nolt, A. Rohatyn, and A. Varzi. Logic, McGraw-Hill (Selected parts)
B. Russell. The Problems of Philosophy, OUP (Selected parts)
S. Okasha. Philosophy of Science, OUP

Teaching methods

In-class teaching.

Exam Rules

The final exam consists in a written test in which the students will be asked to solve some exercises in logic (propositional and first order) as well as to answer open questions concerning the second part of the course.