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Updated A.Y. 2020-2021

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the comparative study of politics. It aims at familiarizing students with the main concepts of political science with a focus on the concepts of public sphere, democracy, authoritarianism, democracy, representation, deliberation and participation. With special emphasis on the evolution and the diversity of political situations and attention to not only national but also local and global scales, we will compare and contrast the political regimes of various countries of the world, the roles of key political actors, political institutions, political processes and patterns of political competition. We will be particularly interested in Asian countries (including China, India, Japan, Taiwan). The main objective for this course is to provide students with the broad context needed for analyzing the political phenomena of any country and understand the main criteria and tools used to compare and rank countries in the world, as well as what we mean by democracy, the role media and social media play in democracy, what makes a non-democracy become more democratic, what makes a stable democracy and so on.

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