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Learning Objectives

The objective of the course is to share with the students concepts and knowledge related to the changes of the economic processes and its implications on people, communities and society. The expected impact of the course is to improve the awareness of the students for their professional choices, and to promote changes in their trajectories in order to open new opportunities of value generation through the social entrepreneurial approach.


Topic 1: WHY & WHO: New times, new leadership - Entrepreneurs and companies with a social impact

Topic 2: WHAT: From the analysis of social challenges to the definition of the solution

Topic 3: HOW: Create alliances for impact - involve stakeholders to generate systemic change

Topic 4: HOW: Enhancing the impact

Topic 5: HOW: Financing the impact - building a Social Impact Business Model and attracting donors and investors

Topic 6: HOW: Presenting the impact - attracting funding through the "perfect pitch"

Topic 7: HOW: Communicating the impact - raising awareness, informing, disseminating and involving through advocacy and communication campaigns

Topic 8: HOW: Growing - Scaling, Replicating & Transfer

Topic 9: WHO & WHAT: 9+1 Extraordinary Stories

Topic 9+1: things you need to have if you want to become a social entrepreneur

Topic 9+1: Top Tips


Further readings and materials (presentations included) will be shared with the students during the lessons.


Sinesi S . Social Impact in your hands
 Yunus M. Banker to the poor
 Counts A. Changing the world without losing your minds

Teaching methods

In-class teaching.

Exam Rules

ATTENDING STUDENTS: The exam will involve giving a final pitch of the social business project and participating in an oral exam to discuss the various topics covered in the mandatory textbooks.

NOT ATTENDING STUDENTS: The exam will involve participating in an oral exam to discuss the various topics covered in the mandatory textbooks.