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Learning Objectives

The course touches upon the basic elements of macroeconomics in the context of advanced mixed market-based economies. The course focuses on labor, firms and technology, money and finance, macroeconomics and consumption, macroeconomic policy. Reference to globalization and economic relations between nation states and the world economy will be made at the end of the course.




Topic 1
The capitalist revolution, technological change, population, and growth (Units 1, 2 CORE textbook)
Topic 2
Labor supply: scarcity, work, and choice (Unit 3, CORE textbook)
Topic 3
Labor demand: owners, managers, and employees (Unit 6, CORE textbook)
Topic 4
The labor market: Wages, profits, and unemployment (Unit 9, CORE textbook)
Topic 5
Banks, money, and the credit market (Unit 10, CORE textbook)
Topic 6
Economic fluctuations and unemployment (Unit 13, CORE textbook)
Topic 7
Unemployment and fiscal policy (Unit 14, CORE textbook)
Topic 8
Inflation, unemployment, and monetary policy (Unit 15, CORE textbook)
Topic 9
The nation and the world economy (Unit 18, CORE textbook)
Topic 10
The Great Depression, Golden Age, and the Global Financial Crisis (Unit 17, CORE textbook)
Topic 11
Climate actions and environmental macroeconomics (Unit 19, CORE textbook)


The Economy. CORE Project. https://core-econ.org/the-economy/?lang=en


Lecture material handed over online and the precise reading list for each topic will be available step by step with the intent of tailoring the course contents to students' needs, interests and reactions.

Teaching methods

The course combines the traditional teaching method based on lectures, exercises, and problems, with experiments in active classroom learning with students being assigned material before class, which is then used as a basis for discussion and activity.

Exam Rules

Class participation.
Final exam
The final exam consists of a mandatory oral of approximately 20 minutes.

Students who do not attend lectures (class attendance below 80%) will be required to sit a mandatory written exam based on the course material.