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Cybersecurity - RiskOut Project - Obiectivo


Today cyber security has become a necessity for all those organizations that want to launch or consolidate their business digitization strategy. Similarly, in the new business management dynamics in which a large part of a company's non-core services are managed by an ecosystem more or less nourished by suppliers, the company's perimeter of "vulnerability" has become more extensive, having to include the supply chain. The corporate cyber security governance strategy has to include the management of suppliers.

To support organizations in this delicate and very important process of evaluating the information & cyber security posture, Obiectivo has developed the "RiskOut" platform which, through the current 7 reference standards / regulations on which it is based, allows to create automated assessment and audit, evaluating each supplier on a meaningful set of requirements and assigning a score to each of them. Through the platform it is possible to achieve a governance of the supply chain, a timely assessment of each individual supplier on different areas of assessment, the possibility of carrying out analysis and comparing one or more suppliers with each other, having a history and assigning a level of risk. This platform is unique in the Italian panorama in its mapping all aspects of an organization.

Considering the success, “RiskOut” is enjoying on the market, the aim is to develop it further by implementing new and innovative features.


  • Analyze the national and international market to verify whether there are similar solutions with the same purpose.
  • Studying, through the support of our customers who adopt the solutions, what new features can be implemented and / or changes to be made.
  • Study with the support of our senior security advisors new and innovative features to be implemented.
  • Support the internal marketing and communications departments on defining and implementing a specific plan for positioning the solution on the market
  • Draw up a summary technical document with the market analysis and the new technical / functional requirements to be implemented and a business plan to support it



  • Week 1: Analysis of the current platform and understanding of the reference scenario
  • Weeks 2- 4: Market analysis phase
  • Week 6: Marketing strategy (with technical/support docuemnts) drafting

Preferred profiles

Boys and girls who are interested in innovation and cyber security, with an open mind towards new challenges, capable and predisposed to work in teams, who do not only perform the assigned task but try to get involved by bringing their contribution and their own vision.

Language: Italian and English

Specific knowledge: issues of digitalization, innovation and cyber security, organization, compliance