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The art of debate is quite often more than what it appears to be. Debating is more than learning how to win an argument. Debates have become more relevant in today’s time as never before. There was a time that discussions used to happen not to blame but to inspire. Inspire. That is the idea that sets the foundation of this society. Somewhere along rushing through this world, we have stopped listening to one another and have made winning the sole purpose of a discussion which is unjust to the historical tradition of debates and something that direly needs a revision.

Henceforth, Global Governance Debating Society intends to contribute to the long tradition of debates and in the process strives to influence its pupils to critically analyze the issues of today and acquire the necessary tools to express their opinions with courage and eloquence.
This debating society is a gathering place, where students have the opportunity to speak and listen, to question, and seek the answers for themselves.§

Here below the list of debates:

- 22.09.2023: This House Believes in the use of Affirmative Action
- 29.09.2023: THBT Japanese feminists should advocate for the abolition of the imperial system as opposed to advocating for the inclusion of female imperial members in the line of succession for the Imperial throne 
- 12.10.2023: THBT freedom of expression is more important than religious sensitivities
- 18.10.2023: THBT indigenous representation in the Australian parliament will lead to major inclusivity within the society
- 17.11.2023: THBT nuclear energy facilitates green transition
- 24.11.2023: THBT a Keynesian approach towards economy would represent an efficient model for promoting stability
- 30.11.2023: THBT US sanctions in all non-democratic countries are an attempt at asserting world dominance rather than facilitating change or democracy
- 6.12.2023: TH rejects the definition of genocide provided by art. 6 of the Rome Statute, and advocates for the implementation of other categories within the definition
- 13.12.2023: THBT governments should help with refugees' integration into societies
- 20.12.2023: THBT government should intervene when it comes to the buying power of its citizens facing hyperinflation
- 29.02.2024: THBT the #MeToo movement has exacerbated gender tensions rather than promoting gender equality
- 7.03.2024: THBT abortion should be legally permissible within a framework that balances individual rights and ethical considerations, as well as being constitutionally protected
- 14.03.2024: THBT society has a moral obligation to phase out the use of animals in experimentation and prioritize the development of alternative, cruelty-free research methods
- 21.03.2024: THBT Palestine should be granted independent statehood as a permanent solution to the conflict
- 28.03.2024: TH rejects that propaganda should be included in journalism 
- 8.05.2024: THBT marriage has lost its original foundation due to the “contractual” idea it has been associated with
- 16.05.2024: THBT AI art is used ethically in the industries it is employed

Rebecca Zollet: rebecca.zollet.bl@gmail.com
Instagram account: gg_debates