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Digital Interactive tools GG - GG


New digital tools are supporting better interactions in classes by allowing parallel interactions among class participants and by tracking each interaction (potentially to be use for future evaluations). Effective interactions can be an issue in large classes where the professor might find difficult to interact with each single participant or the whole class might be slowed down.


GG course would like to see how these new tools might be deployed to foster high-quality interactions also in large classes.

The main reference scenario will relate to in presence classes, leveraging both on mobile handsets and PCs.

The proposals should be robust also with respect to a hybrid teaching scenario. 


Over six weeks students will be required to:

  • week 1: understand the basic issues related to interactions in large classes and the main contributions digital tools can give
  • weeks 2 and 3: identify the main digital tools and map the basic functionalities they are offering
  • week 4: present a GG professor team a preliminary report on the main functionalities of a few selected tool
  • week 4 and 5: deepen the benchmarking according to the feedbacks received, with a focus on the most innovative examples
  • week 6: deliver the final presentation (including eventually an actual deployment in a class).

Preferred profiles

  • Interest and experience in digital technologies.
  • Interest in learning/innovation processes.