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Based in Rome, Global Governance has never failed to make its student experience the international aspect of the city. One of the numerous activities offered in the course’s agenda consists of a full-week engagement with the world of international politics and negotiations: the Diplomacy Festival. Throughout the years, Global Governance has established a fruitful relationship with the Diplomacy Festival, being able to make students dive into a challenging yet enriching experience they will carry along their careers.

The Diplomacy Festival was born in Rome, in 2009, to face the needs of the large international community of the city. Rome, in fact, hosts 139 embassies accredited to the Italian Republic, 78 to the Holy See, 134 to the FAO and 73 to San Marino. The whole Festival is supported by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament in Italy and by over 70 embassies, 7 universities and several partners from the Italian Scientific Committee.

The students of Global Governance in their second year, will go through a week-long series of numerous events including seminars, interactive talks, workshops and guided visits to some of the most prestigious embassies of Rome. The Festival’s programme will deal with topics such as: Geopolitics, Economics, Environmental Challenges, Cultural/Identity Challenges and many more. The Diplomacy Festival represents a unique opportunity for the students, enhancing their relational skills and getting them to experience aspects of the international relations system which few people really know about.