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Ethical AI – Intellera


Intellera is a consulting company that stands aside administrations and organizations in their innovation processes concerning both the digital and the strategic and organizational transformation. We have kicked-off an internal team to drive our innovative studies on disruptive technologies, now with a focus on Ethical AI. Within this team, we would include some of you in support to creative studies and though leadership contents to be issued on our web/site and sustain our brand reputation and positioning/role on the market.


Support with benchmarking and analysis, on top of writing contents to feed white papers and briefing notes to be issued.


The three main issues that will be dealt with by the team refer to:

  • What is the AI Act and what does it imply for Public Administrations?
  • What does “trustworthy” AI mean? [Seen from different perspectives]
  • Benchmark on AI Governance in Italy

Preferred profiles

  • English; passion for and awareness of the above mentioned topics.
  • Part-time - 3 months
  • Up to 2 people

Knowledge of the managing consulting field and interest in writing innovative contents to set new and future targets of analysis and innovation.