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Laziodisu gives students the opportunity to gain access to university meals to eat a meal in a friendly environment and close to cost-effective courses.

Students wishing a scholarship at home are entitled to a free daily meal

Suitable non-winner scholarship students enrolled for years following the first are entitled to two free daily meals (subject to the closing times of the canteen).

Who can access the canteens

Access to the canteens is allowed to all students, both on-going and off course, enrolled in state universities, non-state universities, university institutes, institutes of high artistic and musical arts, with legal seat in the Lazio Region. Registered students can also eat their own meals at local Adisu meals other than their own.

What to do to access the canteen

To take advantage of the service, students must register at the Registry Office of their Adisu Territorial Reference or perform the on-line procedure for accreditation.

The card can be activated at any time during the academic year.

What I need

Italian students

  • The health card
  • The ISEE for the previous fiscal year

Erasmus students and / or participants in cultural exchanges, foreign research fellowships and foreign students in international mobility

  • Tax Code issued by the Revenue Agency
  • Recognition document in validity
  • Valid residence permit and / or copy of the renewal request or relative replacement document - (for non-EU students only)
  • Erasmus or international mobility certificate issued by the Italian University with an indication of the duration of the stay.

Foreign students not belonging to the European Union

  • Health insurance card
  • Copy of residence permit
  • Certification of its own economic status by the competent authorities of the country where the incomes have been produced, translated into Italian by the competent Italian diplomatic authorities (Embassy, Consulate).
  • Students from countries where the local Embassy's Italian Embassy has significant difficulties in issuing the translation of certification of income and family assets can contact the national diplomatic or consular representations in Italy by legalizing the Prefecture where necessary

Foreign students coming from particularly poor countries

  • Health insurance card
  • Copy of residence permit
  • Certification of their economic status, based on the documentation issued by the Italian representation in the country of provenance, attesting that the student does not belong to a notoriously high-income, high-social family.
  • In the case of students enrolled in a University in the country of origin, connected with agreements or conventions with the enrollment in Italy, such certification may also be issued by the University of Foreign Language Associated by Agreements or Conventions with the University of Italian reference studies. For the students enrolled in a first year of the course, the above-mentioned certification (poor countries) may be issued by Italian entities authorized to provide a guarantee of economic coverage in accordance with the current provisions concerning the registration of Foreign students in Italian universities. In such a case, the certification body must declare that it will be obliged to return the sums spent on services and / or cash on behalf of the student in the event that the services and / or benefits granted are withdrawn.

Students from the EU

  • Health insurance card
  • Self-certification of the family's economic condition
  • For special situations it is possible to contact the Bureau of the students of their home office.


The cost of meals to be made from 3 February 2014 is variable according to the following scheme:
1 ^ band .................................... .. € 2,20
2 ^ band .................................... .. € 3,00
3 ^ band .................................... .. € 4,10
4 ^ band .................................... .. € 5,90
5th band .................................... .. € 7.70

Special meals

Several canteens can be served at the canteens of some territorial sites.

On reservation you will be able to book celiac meals.

Students are therefore advised to consult the pages dedicated to the refreshment service of their reference Adisu.


Via Cambridge 115 - 00133 Rome

Phone: 06.204101382


Monday - Friday - Lunch: 11.45 - 14.45- Dinner: 18.45 - 20.45
Saturday and Sunday - Closed