London School of Economics - Masters in Science in Health and International Development

I enrolled in the GG programme in 2015, in order to experience a glance of international environment while remaining in Rome, the city where I was born and lived so far. At the beginning Global Governance represented an escape from the familiar environment I knew and a challenge to myself. It forced me to go out of my comfort zone and to learn to filter the world through new eyes. The language, the unconventional subjects and the commitment required in terms of time and active participation have been hard to accept in a first moment. The novelty of the programme represented a bet, a leap in the dark that eventually turned to be the best decision I have ever made. Undeniably, it is hard to understand the scope of GG at the beginning, everything seems to be overwhelming and disconnected. But with the time being the whole picture will be clear, the mind reshapes according to a new vision of the world, a more critical and passionate one. I had the opportunity to get to know contexts and people out of the ordinary, that I would never discover by myself. GG has been three years full of learning, personal growth, emotional enrichment, and awareness of what I want to stand for in this world. Thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of the courses, I discover to be very passionate about Global health equity and international development. I am currently enrolled in a MSc in Health and International Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Being outside the umbrella of GG is intimidating, but I am quite confident Global has prepared us to make the best in a world full of excellency and competition.

CLASS OF 2015-2016