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The  University of Rome Tor Vergata has confirmed its strong will toward teaching excellence, by focusing on the training of its professors on new innovative teaching methods. This is fundamental to ensure a competitive advantage and attract students that are facing a larger and larger set of choices among Universities, even more fundamental is the purpose Tor Vergata aims at, enriching students to prepare them for an increasingly complex and globalized world that requires in every field critical thinking and interdisciplinary skills. A training on this theme has been planned in collaboration and with fundings provided by Ecolas, the European Consortium of Liberal Arts and Sciences College (http://www.ecolas.eu/eng/).
Professor Diekstra has led the Tor Vergata professors, who joined in 24, as active students on the theme of Problem Based Learning. The first meeting took place at Tor Vergata on 26-27 septembre 2018 and  other two encounters are planned, considering the success and positive feedbacks received. The primary purpose is to provide instructors with  modern educational tools, based on participation and involvement.

HERE the program of the meeting