Founded in 1991 and located on the first floor within the faculty of economics, the V. Pareto library supplies educational resources ranging from economics, statistics, business, finance, law etc. 
The equipment is made up of over 70680 monographs, 2200 periodicals 2200 online journals, several working papers coming from Italian and foreign universities as well as  databases both on dvd / cd-rom format and online.
All material is directly accessible to the user.

For further information you can contact

Library “Vilfredo Pareto”
Facoltà of Economics - University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Via Columbia 2
I - 00133 - Roma
e-mail: v.pareto@economia.uniroma2.it
on-line: http://economia.biblio.uniroma2.it
tel. +39-6-72595526 /24 /27 /29 /30
fax: +39-(0)6-2040 236