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My name is Cecilia Bitocchi, i am 19 years old and i live in Rome. I have just graduated, with 97/100, from the scientific high school “Liceo Democrito” in Rome. Since i was young i always loved acting, therefore i have attended acting school for many years, taking part in various acting shows and also working for some movie agencies. I have always lived in Italy, but since i was small i have always travelled a lot, not only for fun, but also for projects like Erasmus or studying in colleges. All these experiences have helped me a lot in opening my mind to different ideas and to cooperation with different people. I choose the B.A. In Global Governance because i am deeply convinced that the interdisciplinary feature of the course and the chance of working with different people will give me the opportunity of opening my mind and learning different things, which a traditional B.A. doesn't provide. Moreover i have taken part in various IMUN projects, in New York, also obtaining a scholarship because I distinguished myself for my leader capacities and for the solutions I found to the problems that were proposed to me. Since then I have always been fascinated by global issues, which are also part of this course, and i am deeply interested in obtaining a greater knowledge on these aspects in order to have the opportunity of working in this sector in the future.