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De VENUTO Adriano


My name is Adriano De Venuto, I was born in Rome on the 4th of November 1999, and I am glad to be part of this studying course. I am a very determined, focused and motivated student and more in general, person; indeed, I find out in my life that is very important being ready and have a positive mindset whenever any challenges come into our lives.

I attended scientific Liceo in Maccarese where I achieved the diploma with the maximum grades, in fact, that experience represented for me a great challenge such as my first working experiences as lifeguard, by which I could learn many fundamental skills such as team managing, punctuality, seriousness, capacity of being focused for a long time, respect for orders or communications.

My abroad experiences, especially in Dublin or Krakow, could make me achieve a good knowledge of English and a great capacity for adapting to new circumstances and different places and people.

My interests comprehend various aspects, first of all, I am interested in business, entrepreneurship, trading,  financial issues,  and economics, then I love furthering my knowledge of interesting and useful subjects such as pnl and techniques of personal mindset development. I firmly believe in personal motivation and in the spirit of overcoming challenges even if the conditions are not favorable.

Nevertheless, I acknowledge the importance of being an active individual not only developing my mental activity but my body too, indeed I am athletic and I love practicing sports such as surf, calisthenics, football, and volleyball.

Finally, I love spending time with my friends and university mates due to the great knowledge and differentiation especially the latter could transmit me.