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CIOBANU Alexandra Diana


Hello! I am Alexandra Diana Ciobanu, I was born in Romania and I came to live in Italy, in a small town in the province of Frosinone, when I was six years old. There I collaborated with the local website, gave poetical lectures in the local library and had cultural exchanges with Polish teenagers; moreover, I cultivated also my artistic side by drawing, making photos, doing drama and attending a basic course about cinema. Thanks to my high school, I also went for linguistic internships in England, France and Austria. However, it was after participating at a MUN that I realised that I wanted to go on studying international relationships, geopolitics and worldwide issues. It's easy then to understand why I chose Global Governance: its multicultural environment, the fact that students are always encouraged to be active and curious and the structure of a course supposed to prepare for the challenges of the world of nowadays fascinated me. Can't wait to start this adventure!