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Hello, I’m Ana, born and raised in Foz do Iguaçu – Brazil, in the border with Argentina and Paraguay. The latter could be seen from my bedroom window. It was so close, yet so far. As I grew up, I wondered why similar countries in Latin America were in different distances when it comes to the concept of “development”. How could a country be considered “developed”, whilst others are still “in development”? Who dictates who is and who is not, if we all come from distinct backgrounds? Is this concept achievable or are we all in constant development? This paradox influenced my decision to join the Global Governance B.A., in a city such as Rome, one of the main actors who led us to the social-political configuration of western society nowadays. By choosing this career, my goal is to spend this lifetime working to enhance cooperation between nations, organizations and most importantly, people. In order to emancipate society from self-centeredness, source of most of our strifes.