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Hi, my name is Thomas. I was born Rome and raised in a little town called Grottaferrata (there’s not much in it, not worth visiting in my opinion unless you want to crush at my place, everyone is always welcome). I went to a scientific high school called Bruno Touschek (I hope I got the spelling right) and I had fun in those five years, well actually four because I have spent one year abroad in the United States which was great, a lot. I have to say I did not like school much, I found it mostly boring because I like to debate during classes (one reason I chose Global Governance) and there wasn’t room for that in my class. Well, that’s enough about school, now I’m going to talk about my “main squeeze”, surfing. Oh man, I love surfing. I started 2 years ago in Virginia, US in my year abroad and fell in love for it, now I try to surf as much as possible but the Mediterranean Sea is basically flat all year round but in the winter and very early in the morning (sometimes I even have to wake up at 4 a.m., yep you can say I’m crazy no worries). I guess I love this sport so much also because of the living philosophy behind it from the “Paddle Paddle Paddle” to the “Live Love Laugh” or the Shaka and many more (if you want to know more just reach me out I would love to talk about this stuff). I love sports in general, I snowboard, and I used to play tennis and football. I like photography, but I don’t take many pictures because I value a lot more the memory behind it than the quality of the image (in fact I love polaroids). In my hobbies I like to put also traveling, it’s something very important to me because you get to know other cultures, other ways of living and thinking that will expand your mind and point of view, it improves your skills to think outside the box, and that is something a value a lot (another reason i chose Global Governance). Oh and I heart music, I have to spend at least 1 hour per day listening to music. I can’t play any instruments nor sing, I would really love to but unfortunately I’m really bad at both of them. Thank you for your attention.