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Hi!! I am Gaia and I am 20 years old (almost 21 to be honest!!) I was born in a small city near Rome where I actually live.  I'm a really stubborn and curious girl, I've always had "strange" passions and hobbies like car races, parachuting, climbing... I'm totally in love with cats and that's why you will probably see me petting them around the faculty!! I attended the "James Joyce" linguistic High School, I've always been interested in foreign languages  and in all those cultures and traditions which only seem to be so far from us... I've always traveled with my family, mostly in Europe, and I spent 3 months living in a room with other two girls in Salamanca (Spain) in 2015, during which I obteined my B2 DELE certificate.
I decided to attend the B.A. in Global Governance because I think that an interdisciplinary course is what we really need in 2018 and I'm sure that it will give me the opportunity to open my mind and to think outside the box.