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Hi, my name is Marta Sciaraffia. I was born in Bari, in the south of Italy, on 23 October 1999.
I love volleyball. I have played in a team for 8 years and now I hope to take it up again here in Rome. I would also like to start playing the piano. It’s one of my dreams since I was a child. The most important choice of my life is to become a scout. I can say that this lifestyle has made me the person I am now.
I attended a high school in modern languages in Taranto, where my love for foreign languages started. I studied three languages, English, French and German. For this reason, I decided to exploit my capacities doing some experiences abroad. During the last years of high school, I reflected a lot about my future. I think that choosing about future is the most difficult decision in our life. I wanted to continue studying foreign languages not to become a teacher but as a pathway to fulfil my dream. So, when I discovered this course I thought “I have found my way”. I think that “Global Governance” with the novelty of its organisation and methods reflects my personality. I have found all things that I need. With its interdisciplinary teaching, it can open to me a window on the world. Thanks to foreign students’ presence and teamwork, during my studies, I can be in contact with different cultures and languages. In my opinion, this is a very essential aspect to create an open mind to face global challenges through legal and economic competences. My dream is working in the migration world, to help people to live a “real” life. However, I also know that this course can help me to discover the “real me” and my way. I think that young people must travel, know, learn, discover, live. Only in this way, we can change the world and make it better.
This is me.