Hello, my name is Eduardo Scutti and I am 23 years old. I am Italian/Brazilian, however I have also lived in the USA and in Germany during my life. I have always been passionate about the world and different cultures and languages and I strongly believe that my role in this life is to make a better and more connected world for the next generations. I have previously studied International Law in a public university in Germany and also I have done a one-year internship in the Legal&Compliance department of a leading French insurance company. After collecting all these experiences, I decided to be part of the Global Governance family at Tor Vergata University. The program is full of people with similar views of the world and similar international backgrounds and from my point of view it is the best environment to develop new ideas.
My hobbies are traveling and exploring countries and local communities and I also do Downhill Mountain-bike whenever I have a free time, these outdoor activities make me feel how incredible the world is and how important it is for us to preserve it for the future and for our next generations.”