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SGROI Silvia


Hi everyone! My name is Silvia and I’m 19. I live in a small city ,close to Rome, where I graduated at “Bruno Touschek” scientific high school. I love spending time with my friends doing things such as car rides while the radio is playing loud music, cooking or just talking about anything we can think off.  Some of my greatest passions in my life are listening to music, playing sports, reading novels and TRAVELLING. Travelling is not only a way to get away- It is a way to learn about life pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Opening your mind to other values, discovering new social norms, meeting new people, helps you get to understand how the world lives. Travelling did not only change my prospective but it re-shaped my personality as well. I have  learn about the differences, to embrace the similarities and to appreciate the dissimilarities. The attraction I have for other cultures made me realize I want to work in an international field with the ambition to learn and to experience as much about the world and its development as possible, and to become a leader in the global community. I hope this degree will be my first stepping stone to achieve all my goals.