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Hi! I’m Luca Gambelli, I’m nineteen years old and I come from Sardinia. As much as I love living on an island I have always thought there is a whole world outside ready to be explored, so I packed my things and came here in Rome.   Surrounded by both a legendary ancient history and such an international environment, you really feel the time flowing through you. And Global Governance is the one-way ticket to the future. Its multiculturalism, openness, interdisciplinarity and innovativity are simply extraordinary: not only it feels like taking a journey around the world, but also all these qualities will enable me to face the real challenges of this age, develop soft skills so useful to deal with both personal and global issues, operate in different environments and situations, open the doors of my future with a 360 degree preparation and, most of all, do my part as a citizen of the world to improve our society. After all is it not true that trying to leave this world a little better than we have found it is the most important thing in a person’s life? About me, I would define myself as a curious, daydreamer, ambitious and fiercely passionate about everything new and innovative kind of guy. Imagination is probably my greatest talent: I’m always recreating in my mind the world around me trying to make it as best as possible and hoping one day to make it real. Apart from my passion for travels and adventures, I love cooking as a first way to get to know new cultures and integrate them together: from my point of view I see Global Governance as a big banquet where everybody brings and shares its own best dish, that is to say its own culture and personality, its own opinions, ideas, interests and experiences, and only in this way, I think, we can truly grow all together as a real Global family. And that’s exactly my goal: all the experiences I have made, studying one year abroad in the US, working in a refugee center here in Italy, listening to the stories of different people through the local charity group, helped me understand how much we, as a whole society, still have to improve in order to guarantee a better life for everyone. I am now ready to not only understand the wrongs of today but especially to make together the best out of tomorrow.