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AKSOY Özen Buket


I am Buket Aksoy from Istanbul,Turkey. I found out about Global Governance, three years before my graduation thanks to Prof. Piga and wanted to be here ever since. My hobbies include latin dances, music, debates, reading and also meeting with people from different parts of the world with different stand-points. I enjoy seeing what others like,enjoy as i think happiness of others should be our own. I based my high school time on charity and non-profit organizations/projects, while also enjoying my time and years. I have been and still am trying to find the prefect balance between giving to the world and taking the necessary for yourself. My motto was "to help those who are in need and be the voice of the ones who are silenced" . After Global Governance, even though many things might change by that time, i want to fulfill my desires of putting a smile on others faces.