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AMODIO Michelelia


Hi there! My name is Michelelia, I’m 19 and I come from Potenza, a small town in southern Italy. Passionated about languages and philosophy, during my life I had many experiences abroad, like a Comenius exchange project in Poland and two study trips in the UK and Ireland. Moreover, I’ve been a boy-scout and a football referee, too. When I discovered this amazing course I was fascinated by its trailblazing approach to the great themes of modernity, and by its interdisciplinarity and multiculturalism as well. Then, getting in contact with other students who were already part of GG, and attending the Open Day, I felt quite confident about the path I wished to tread: I definitely had to apply! And now I’m here, ready to face new challenges and achieve new goals, step by step, with the consciousness that each effort can contribute to create a better environment for everyone