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BALLE Cornelius


Hi there! My name is Cornelius Balle, 21 years young and I am from Stuttgart, Germany. I enjoy all kinds of sports, especially football and skiing, I am a passionate traveller and explorer and I always love a good debate or discussion. After a high school year abroad in Queenstown, New Zealand, a fire for intercultural experiences was lit in my heart. So I just had to finish the last 3 years of High School back in Germany, in order to start of the next adventure. After graduation I went to East-Timor (don't worry, I had to look it up too) for a one-year volunteer service in a small Timorese development-aid NGO called "Fundasaun Lafaek Diak" (The Good Crocodile Foundation). I got to see life from a completely different side, gained a lot of intercultural work and life experience and found many new friends and family. I already knew about the Global Governance course at that time, and this experience, combined with my interest in international affairs, only strengthened my will to join this unique programme. Now I am here and I am looking forward to sharing this special study-experience with students from all over the world, and together learn and develop skills to change our world for the better.