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My name is Chagdarjav and I'm 19 years old. I was born in Mongolia and had spent whole my life in there as well. Because of that it was always a great dream of mine to live, and study in foreign country. And I am really excited it became the reality. I wanted to go to Rome because I think it is beautiful country with its beautiful nature. I am fascinated by it's culture, history, art. I am creative and ambitious young man because I have lot of ideas about my future. I am interested in all kinds of sport, art,debate, and different cultures for this reason I wanted to go to BA Global Governance which offers the whole package of everything most importantly multicultural society. After i finished my high school I have worked in 4H NGO for a while. Where I got experience in work I helped to organize events , raise donations and worked with a team on big projects which included project against air pollution in Mongolia, and reducing the number of illiterate people but that's not all. More importantly i found my passion of helping people, understanding the bigger problems that needs to be solved, and seeing life from a different perspective. Furthermore, I would like to broaden my horizons, and have deeper understanding of all the problems we are living with and to work in an international context, helping developing countries with GG friends.