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My name is Khilola Iakubzhanova . I’m 18 years old. I come from Talas , Kyrgyzstan.I am a humorous and crazy girl. I like reading books, and sharing my culture with different people around the world.As said Federico Fellini ''A different language is a different vision of life.''When I was in first grade I started to learn English language,because I wanted to see a different vision of life.And then learning English language becomes motivation to me learn other languages too! And now I can fluently speak in 5 languages.I graduated in Kyrgyzstan International Talas Girls High School , I studied only with girls ). And when I was in nineth grade we had competition for scholarship program''FLEX''-Future Leaders Exchange Program. There were 5000 thousand campers all over Kyrgyzstan.But only 97 passed and I was among them.I became a finalist of FLEX program, I had opportunity to be an exchange student in United States.And it was the reason why I choose the Global Governance, because after my exchange year my vision to the life is totally changed! I am completely sure that studying Global Governance will be a great chance to assimilate many new experiences and ideas that could be helpful for discovering solutions to some of the many global problems of humanity. The key point I like most regarding this university is it’s specific interdisciplinary program enabling to expand knowledge in diverse sciences. I am positive that it will be an excellent start for my ambitious career perspectives. I do not expect it to be easy, nonetheless, I am ready to overcome any kind of barrier in order to move towards my dream.